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released July 13, 2013



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CRUCIAL POINT Berlin, Germany

We neither believe in a god nor religion or its institutions. We also absolutely oppose sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, racism and any other oppressional mechanisms of society. We support the idea of an anticapitalist and free association of equal and emancipated individuals, which also should be, in our opinion, self-evident in the hc/punk community. No gods, no masters! Any questions?! ... more

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Track Name: Conniver
with your eyes wide open
and your mouth tight shut
you keep on stearing forwards
with no need to stop

there's nothing you regret
and nothing you confess
you just do for yourself
and let them clean their fucking mess

you would never forgo it all
or even cut down on it
who are they by the way?
why should you stop the treat?

you leave this world behind
with blood on your hands
blood on your hands
is this the life you chose?
build on desperate dreams
and broken bones
Track Name: Branch Fight
you try to put me in my place
face to face
can't discern whether it's a prank
or are you deadly serious

a time ago we romped around
these days are over, we grew out
and i dont want to live your way
cause i don't trust the way you pray
no more

secretly you set your course
and your attitude got worse
and now we're eyeball to eyeball
the tension can't be denied
Track Name: Stay Grey
spinning kicks, the same old themes
friendship, family, war on the streets
the same shoes same shirts
the same fucking storys
with different boring words

what the world needs now
style over substance
an avalanche of arbitrariness
as individual as the unique combination
of labels on their jackets and trousers and shoes

fuck your crews

stay gold
stay grey
stay fucking far away from me

dumb-satisfied, standing together
without content (there will be nothing left of them)
nowhere to find a fire